When it comes to the education of a child, especially for math you have to be very careful with which program you are choosing for your kid. This is on the ground that you need nothing but quality education for your child as a parent. When faced by different options for math programs you may have a hard time choosing which the best is for your child. In case you are in such a dilemma you should consider reading this blog so that you can have an idea of which math program is right for your kid. 

 Where the tuition takes place. Where the tuition will take place is a matter of concern for many parents. There are families that may want their kids to study from home while others may not like the idea. This two math programs that are the Mathnasium and Thinkster program provides the solution for both families. For instance, the parent who would like the kid to study far from home will choose the Mathnasium program where the kid goes to a center for physical teacher coaching. For the families that like home-based learning will go for Thinkster Math where the kid will be coached online by the tutor. In this case, the kid will not have to move to a center for training. 

 The learning methods used. The other factor you will have to consider when choosing the best tutorial program for your kid is how the learning is done. If you choose the Mathnasium math program the kid will only work on their worksheets when the session is on progress and no any other time. This means that they will neither take their worksheets home nor will they have homework to do at home. The program focus on helping the child to understand math without the pressure for exercises and memories. In Thinkster Math they believe in learning math through practice and memorization of the concept. This means that the child will work on many worksheets and have some extra work to do later after the session on the worksheet. 

Also, consider the cost of each program. For you to get the best answer for the right math program you should consider how much does mathnasium cost alongside Thinkster Math. Because of the teacher and the center used in Mathnasium the cost is high than in the case of the Thinkster Math. While you will be expected to pay from $ 100 - $ 200 per month for Thinkster Math, in Mathnasium math you will be supposed to pay on a monthly basis about $200 - $ 300. Also, you will be expected to pay a registration fee besides the monthly subscription for Mathnasium math which is not the case in Thinkster Math. For more information, click on this link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematics_education.